Anand Consultants is the brain-child of Mr. Rakesh Shah who returned to India from the USA in 1977 after completion of his studies at the Indian Institute of Tecnology, Kharagpur followed by his Master’s at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA and experience at Shield Alloy Corporation, New Jersey, USA. The above stated return to India happened during a period during which environmental issues had gained worldwide prominence subsequent to the Stockholm Conference of 1972. This particular event highlighted the importance of environment related issues and effects that were likely to surface in the future. It is under this thought process that Anand Consultants was set-up from scratch to provide environmental engineering and related services to organizations, industries and institutes in India. Developing the company in a virgin field of activity (which was not generally even heard of) required a lot of convincing and presentation to industry as well as regulatory authorities. At the same time, developing staff / personnel to an adequate level of expertise and delegation of work required immense managerial input.Notwithstanding the above stated difficulties, the efforts put-in by Anand Consultants have borne fruit by way of the company providing its services all over India as also in neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and having an Ugandan company requesting assistance in the said field. A number of multi-nationals who would have otherwise used their own country services/expertise have also relied upon and used the services of Anand Consultants.Our success has been due to our realization that the biggest draw-back related to corporate environmental issues is the lack of availability of latest and current information; which we have been able to fill-up. This partly due to our international professional exposure.